Forest Bath Aromatherapy Spray 2 oz.

    Forest Bath Aromatherapy Spray 2 oz.

      Product Details

      Forest Bathing is the practice of being in a forested area while mindfully absorbing its tranquility with all of your senses. Now you can bring the essence of that calming, outdoor therapy inside for aromatherapeutic stress-relief anytime.

      • Freshly-extracted, 100% pure Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir hydrosols, known for their mood-supporting properties
      • Sustainably wildcrafted and distilled on our Organic farm

      Great for spraying before meditating or when you need a moment to de-stress.


      About Our Hydrosols

      We steam distill hydrosol here on our Organic farm harvested from our forested land. Hydrosol captures the beneficial chemicals from plants that can dissolve in water and holds all of the constituents and properties of essential oils.

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