Red Cedar Hand Sanitizer Gift Bundle

    Red Cedar Hand Sanitizer Gift Bundle

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      Making It Easy to Stay Safe & Calm (And Pass It Along)

      We want to make it easier for you and your loved ones to stay safe, soothed, and calm, so we created Sharing Safety Bundles at a 10% discount. Our Hand sanitizer Safety Bundles are the perfect way to make sure you (and your family) are covered in germ-killing, skin-softening, aromatherapy goodness at all times. Use with abandon.

      Includes: Three, 8oz Cedar & Eucalyptus Hand sanitizer at a 10% discount.

      This is no Ordinary Hand Sanitizer

      • Our small-batch hand sanitizer protects from germs and dryness

      • Kills bacteria when no soap and water are available

      • Sanitizes with 66% total alcohol (meeting CDC guidelines)

      • Vitamin E for natural soothing and calming of skin

      • Aloe helps to lock in moisture and hydrates skin

      • Leaves hands feeling soft—not dry or sticky

      And it Smells Amazing

      • Contains wildcrafted Red Cedar Hydrosol & organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil

      • Grounds with its vibrant forest smell while also imparting antimicrobial and anti-anxiety properties

      And supports our not-for-profit, women-led, LGBTQ+ owned, managed, and allied organic farm!

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