Forest Bath Aromatherapy Spray 4 oz.

    Forest Bath Aromatherapy Spray 4 oz.

      Product Details

      Find calm in a hectic world with our Forest Bath Aromatherapy Spray. 4 oz. glass bottle.

      Forest Bathing is the practice of being in a forested area while mindfully absorbing its tranquility with all of your senses. Now you can bring the essence of that calming, outdoor therapy inside for aromatherapeutic stress-relief anytime.

      • Freshly-extracted, 100% pure Red Cedar and Doug Fir hydrosols, known for their mood-supporting properties
      • Sustainably wildcrafted and distilled on our Organic farm

      A Mood-Supporting Blend

      Red Cedar
      The scent of cedar hydrosol is known to have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind as well as for helping to release tension from your muscles.

      Douglas Fir
      Douglas fir has been used as a nervous system tonic and is thought to help uplift mood and soothe depression.

      Versatile Care for Your Mind, Body & Home


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