Red Cedar Hydrosol
Red Cedar Hydrosol
Red Cedar Hydrosol

    Red Cedar Hydrosol

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      Our wildcrafted Red Cedar Hydrosol brings the relaxing experience of our forests to you. This mentally calming and cleansing aromatherapeutic scent will uplift your mood (like walking through a green forest on a breezy day). It is harvested from Red Cedar trees right here on our farm, then distilled and bottled by our loving hands. Use for:

      • Bathing - Add to your bath water and breathe in the calm

      • Meditation - Can be used to enhance meditation and deep thinking

      • Freshener Spray - Spray in your car, on your pillow, in your bathroom...

      • Calming Spray - For you...or someone else who needs a little TLC

      About Red Cedar

      The scent of cedar hydrosol is known to have a therapeutic, calming, and relaxing effect on the mind. Inhaling it helps release the tension from your muscles and gets rid of stress, which is why it is popularly used during aromatherapy. Deeply sweet, uplifting, and resinous, Red Cedar is a sacred plant used extensively by native people of the Pacific Northwest. It is meant to bring protection and positivity. This makes it excellent for clearing and refreshing spaces. Our own wildcrafted, house-distilled Red Cedar hydrosol is naturally balancing and protective and brings moisture to the skin. It is a delicate, woodsy, spicy odor that is mentally calming, uplifting, and cleansing.

      About Our Hydrosols

      We steam distill and package our Wildcrafted Red Cedar Hydrosol on our organic farm using fallen branches from the forest behind our botanical fields. Hydrosols are botanical extracts that capture the beneficial chemicals from plants that can dissolve in water and they hold all of the constituents and properties of essential oils.


      Wildcrafted Red Cedar Extract (Thuja plicata hydrosol)


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