OrcaSong Garden

Our Meandering Paradise That’s Welcome to All

With so much technology entwined with our lives, part of our mission is to provide both adults and children with the essential, healing experience of connecting with the natural world.

OrcaSong Garden offers an intimate contrast to the expansive, wide-open lavender and botanical fields in the valley below. Here, you’ll find curving paths meandering among wildflower meadows, fruit trees, vines, flower gardens, and gathering circles. You can stroll along the pond and knolls, find nooks buzzing with life, let your senses melt into the sights, sounds and fragrances all around. You’ll have good company in the many varieties of birds, including the neighborhood bald eagles, often seen soaring above or resting in the towering trees.

After many years in which this 2-acre plot was focused primarily on growing produce and cut flowers, in 2019 OrcaSong Garden was re-designed for relaxed exploration and well-being, and as a natural site for community and private events, such as concerts, classes and weddings.

This year, due to the COVID crisis, we went back to growing more produce and cut flowers, and rededicated spaces to food crops in order to provide for our community’s needs. You will still find a grassy promenade that laps the pond, and opens onto the ceremonial circle at the center of the garden, as well as the 45-foot diameter Sky Lodge across from the pond perches in a screened circle of its own, among fruit trees and annual flower beds.

You’ll find labels for many of the plants throughout, and a demonstration garden to inspire a patch of nature to delight your senses and grow food in your own yard. We harvest produce from here and the kitchen garden for sale in the farm store, as well as for the San Juan Islands Food Hub. The small, well-used greenhouse next to the demo garden is the early season wellspring of many of the plants you’ll find in this landscape.

This is a young garden, designed and ready for evolution. Enjoy this early version… We hope you’ll return again and again to experience its growth over the seasons and years to come.